How to setup SEO friendly Permalink in WordPress 4.7

How to set up SEO friendly Permalink in WordPress 4.7: Hello readers, through this article, I am going to explain you about the SEO friendly Permalink and about its setup procedure in WordPress. I found most of the new users face difficulty when they are in the process of activating a new WordPress website with a question that, which type of permalink, is SEO friendly in WordPress. The WordPress also provide a default URL structure for their user but you will be surprised to know that URL structure provided by WordPress is not SEO friendly. So, there is a need to set an SEO friendly permalink when you are creating a new website. Hence, through this article, I will explain all the things about SEO friendly permalinks and its setup procedure.

SEO friendly Permalink in WordPress

Understand SEO Friendly URL

  • SEO stands for ‘Search engine optimization’ which is a methodology of strategies or techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors on a website by a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • URL means ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ previously known as Universal Resource Locator which is the unique address for a file/content that is accessible on the Internet.

So, by above definition of SEO and URL, you can understand SEO Friendly URL is nothing about keywords that explain your article and you and search engines both reach to your article easily.

SEO friendly URL- Examples (/%postname%/)

Non-SEO friendly URL-Example

Now, you can easily verify your URL/ permalink and set it through your WordPress admin area.

How to set up SEO friendly Permalink in WordPress 4.7

  • After login wp-admin, go to your WordPress admin area and move the cursor to ‘Settings’ and then click on “Permalinks” option.
  • Once you click on ‘Permalinks’ then “Permalink Settings” page will open.
  • To set your permalinks, you can see that there are so many options are available in Common Settings area (Plain, Day and Time, Month and name, Numeric, Post name, Custom Structure etc.)-Se Screenshot.

How to setup SEO friendly Permalink in WordPress

  • Now, you can choose any one option from given options for your permalink. As I already explain you about the SEO friendly Permalinks (Post name option is the most SEO friendly as it is short and cool) so, you can choose according to that. You can set permalinks according to your choice with “Custom Structure” option ( or %/).

Note: To use custom URL structure you will need to use percentage % sign and / slashes before and after, as shown above.

  • You can also use optional option for your permalink or you can leave it blank also.
  • Finally, you will have to click on “Save Changes” button.
  • Open your website now and check your permalink.

Things to know for Established Sites users

  • If you are using your website for a long time then you should not change your permalink structure. If you do the same it may be possible that you lose your visitors and social media share count and your SEO ranking.
  • If it is mandatory to change the permalink then you can use some redirection plugins or concern with professionals.
  • Apart from this, if you have plain URL then it does not affect your site but you will lose your social share counts. So, you can set a new SEO friendly URL easily for future benefits.

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